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Beef Chuck to make: Old Fashion Beef Stew Cut off a boneless piece to cube for beef stew.

Swiss Steak Split other end to make two (2) Swiss Steaks.


Sundae Tarts Fill cooled baked Tart Shells with ice cream. Top with chocolate or butterscotch sauce.

Top with frozen fruit or sprinkle with chopped nuts, shaved chocolate or coconut.


English Parsley Sauce Stir in hot sauce into 2 egg yokes, well beaten.

Boil 1 minute longer stirring constantly Add 1/2 cup of finely minced parsley.

Recipes   Eggs Benedict Cover a round of split and toasted English muffin/toast with a think slice of fried ham. Top with poached egg and cover with Hollandaise Sauce. More Recipes   Battered Fried Chicken Partially cook in boiling water; simmer 20 min. Sprinkle with mixture of salt, celery salt & pepper, Dip in Fritter batter. Fry at 360 degree until golden brown. Recipes, Menus & Advice   Main dish a hearty one!! Mix spaghetti, cottage cheese, 2 eggs, salt pepper and Cheddar cheese. Place in buttered 9" pan. Top with mixture of 1 egg and Parmesan chee Bake 45-50 min @ 350. degrees Thousands of Recipes   Chocolate chip chiffon cake - Fold in 2 sq. of unsweetened chocolate grated medium fine. Add after meringue.